Vinyl Siding Installers are as Important as the Siding

With hotter days in the forecast for the middle of May, it means that the outdoor home improvement projects are starting to get underway.  Some people can DIY most of them, and for others, it is about finding a contractor who can take care of the project.  It is common to get multiple bids from different companies that have access to different makes or models of products.  That can also lead to customers looking only at the end price not what is the ‘price per pound.’  To look at it in a different way, think about going to the grocery store and looking at cuts of steak; the quality of the meat will determine the price of it.  This is for a special occasion and you want Filet Mignon, a very beautiful cut and one that is very expensive.  When you get to that special occasion, there are two people who are both grilling and would like to prepare that steak for you: One is an amateur chef who can cook well and the other person has been a head chef in a steakhouse for 15 years.

Using that analogy, we are talking about taking a quality high-end product that can be applied by either someone who does know what they are doing or by the experts.  If you are looking at vinyl siding, you want to make sure that what you are getting put onto your home is not only a great product but that it is hung by experts.  Having siding installed and errors made, can cause mold and mildew to form in and around joints in the siding. You are looking at making an investment in your home that can last far longer than you might own it for.  If you need new siding on your home, don’t just look at the bottom line and pick the lowest price; pick the siding that is going to save you money on energy bills and doesn’t need to be cleaned.  Give Builders Service Company a call for a free in-home consultation to see what nearly 50 years in the industry can do for you.

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