Window Replacement Kirkland

Window Replacement Kirkland

Window Replacement Kirkland

Since 1974, Builders Service Company has been serving the community of Kirkland, WA with premium new windows products from Preservation. Their window products come in a huge variety of styles and colors, and are extremely durable and insulating meaning that your investment in new windows will last for many decades to come. All their windows including picture windows, casement windows, skylights, and other product types have a lifetime warranty as well!

We have an exceptional approach to our replacement windows services compared to other replacement vendors and installers who work nationally. We are locally owned, and believe in transparent and honest pricing. We also provide all of our clients with impeccable replacement and installation services for windows, doors, siding, roofs and more.

We are well known for our:

  • Unparalleled customer satisfaction 
  • Experience of over 50 years in the industry
  • Aesthetic and durable glass window panes
  • Attractive and stylish windows
  • Other services like siding and roofing
  • Smaller detail work with larger jobs like doors, trim and accents

We Are A Family Owned & Locally Operated Windows Installer since 1974

Each of our window installations is a showcase of hard work contributed by our professional technicians, and a shining example of Preservation’s high quality window and glass products lasting for many years. We like to say we have a window showroom in every King County city, including in Kirkland because of how many homes we’ve provided replacement windows for. Just ask your neighbors about their new windows, or look for our lawn signs in local neighborhoods!

Our staff is dedicated to making your replacement windows experience a pleasant one, and our goal is to surpass your expectations for the renovation you desire! Our professional window technicians will make the window replacement process a breeze, and save you both time and hassle. We also have competitive pricing compared to many national brands, so you may be able to save as well and avoid overspending. Finally, we offer 0 down and 0% financing (OAC) options so don’t forget to ask us about financing as well when you need your windows replaced and door replacement.

Windows Kirkland – Door and Window Replacement

Windows Kirkland

With rising costs and energy bills thanks to inflation, many homeowners are now opting for renovating their windows and doors to either improve their home and avoid future repairs (and save on energy bills), or to improve the home’s value so they can sell for more and make a nice profit. Either way, Builders Service Company is here to help you make your home beautiful, with more curb appeal thanks to its looks but also the insulation Preservation windows have to offer.

Though new windows and doors will be an excellent investment in many cases, you might still be unsure of whether you need to get them added urgently or if it can wait a while. Here are some signs of major window issues that may mean replacement should be done sooner than later:

  • Do the windows open and close with difficulty?
  • Is the glass showing cracks and fractures?
  • Is the frame rotting and falling apart?
  • Does the glass appear foggy no matter the weather?

If yes, then you may need to replace them soon, before they cost you more money in the future on your house. It may be tempting to just have the worst one of your windows repaired, but if they were all installed at similar times, and are of cheap quality, it’s likely that the other windows will begin to fail soon. The savings you will get from reduced energy bills and avoiding future windows repair appointments with new window installation may outweigh the cost of repeated repairs, not to mention the likely increase in your property’s value. Meanwhile, replacement siding, roofing and details like doors and trim will also help with insulation and avoid damage to your home so it may be worthwhile to do all the exterior renovation at once.

Windows and Doors Kirkland – Picture Windows

Windows and Doors Kirkland

Here are some of the main styles of windows we install, from Preservation. The vinyl resin and glass materials used are of extremely high quality, and offer an excellent U Factor insulation score of 0.17 which is better than almost all national window brands and exceeds the EPA’s Energy Star recommended energy efficiency score for new windows. These replacement windows will help you save on your energy bills while still having a beautiful home.

  • Casement type windows
  • Wood style vinyl windows
  • Unique designs of garden windows
  • Picture style
  • Custom bay type window
  • New vinyl window

Why Choose Builders Service Company in Kirkland For Glass Windows?

At Builders Service Company, our staff is dedicated to offer you exceptional window, door and exterior remodeling and installation services for your home.

We make sure to do our jobs right the very first time. Here are all of the benefits you’ll get from choosing Builders Service Company for your home’s replacement windows.

  • Elegant style for your home
  • Assortment of types to choose from
  • Professional installation
  • Financing options available OAC
  • Quick and seamless renovation
  • Save on your heating and cooling bills 

We’ll Earn Your Business Every Step of the Way!

We have serviced customers in the local area and we understand the concerns and needs of homeowners. We offer an in-home consultation to be able to answer questions and understand the needs of our clients.

Call Builders Service Company at 888-980-8580 today. We will tell you how Preservation windows’ energy efficiency can help you enjoy a warm and comfortable home along with reduced energy bills.

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