Window Replacement Kirkland

Window Replacement Kirkland

Since 1974, Builders Service Company has been serving the community of Kirkland, WA with premium new windows products.

We have an exceptional approach than other replacement vendors and installers in the area. We believe in transparent and honest pricing and provides all of our clients with impeccable replacement and installation services.

We are well known for our:

  • Unparalleled customer satisfaction 
  • Experience of 35 years in the industry
  • Aesthetic and durable 
  • Attractive style house 

We Are A Family Owned & Locally Operated Builder since 1974

Each of our windows speaks of hard work contributed by our professional craftsmen.

Our staff is dedicated to making your renovation experience a pleasant one.

Our goal is to surpass your expectations for the renovation you desire!

Window Repairing Kirkland

With rising government tax credits and energy bills, many homeowners are now opting for renovating their windows while selling and increasing the value of their home.

Window and doors renovation is one the most significant improvement projects which certainly increases the re-sale value.

Though this is a wise investment, there are many things that you as house-owners must consider before replacing your them.

It is wise to ascertain whether repairing is sufficient, or if new ones are necessary.

  • Do they open and close with difficulty?
  • Is the glass intact with cracks and fractures?
  • Is the frame rotting and can’t be repaired?

If yes, then you must replace them soon, before they cost you more money in the future on your house.

Window Repair Kirkland

  • Casement type windows
  • Wood windows
  • Unique designs of garden 
  • Picture style
  • Custom bay type
  • New vinyl window

Why Choose Builders Service Company in Kirkland?

At Builders Service Company, our staff is dedicated to offer you exceptional services for your home.

We make sure to do our jobs right the very first time.

  • Elegant style for your 
  • Assortment of types to choose from
  • Professional installer
  • A wide selection to choose from
  • Quick and seamless renovation
  • Save on your heating and cooling bills 

We’ll Earn Your Business Every Step of the Way!

We have serviced customers in the local area and we understand the concerns and needs of homeowners. Usually, we offer an in-home consultation to be able to answer questions and understand the needs of our clients.

Call Builders Service Company at 888-980-8580 today. We will tell you how energy-efficiency can help you enjoy a warm and comfortable home along with reduced energy bills.

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