Vinyl Siding Mount Vernon

Vinyl Siding Mount Vernon

We’ve all seen it. Older homes almost always have wood siding. But wood siding can rot away when exposed to high amounts of moisture. Mount Vernon homeowners should look into vinyl siding installation when remodeling their home’s exterior. Builders Service Company not only offers 27 different styles of vinyl siding, but also promises a lifetime warranty.

Mount Vernon homeowners have a lot of options when it comes to siding, but vinyl truly is the better choice. Vinyl siding is affordable and comes in a large variety of colors and styles. You can easily find a vinyl siding that’s right for your home.

Vinyl siding has great reviews because it is extremely durable. It will withstand harsh weather conditions as well as hits from baseballs or other flying objects. Mount Vernon homes know Washington weather poses a risk of destroying their home’s siding. Builders Service Company offers top-of-the-line vinyl siding that will last Mount Vernon homes years.

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The default type of siding for many Mount Vernon homes is wood siding. Wood siding can be stained and repainted easily but is not very durable. The high amounts of rain Mount Vernon sees each year can contribute to wood rot and moisture trapped in your walls. This leads to mildew and mold which can cost homeowners a lot of money to resolve. Vinyl siding keeps moisture out of boards, protecting your home from water damage.

Another vinyl siding competitor is fiber-cement boarding. The biggest downside to this material is that cutting the boards can release silica particles into the air, which can Put contractors’ health in jeopardy. This is because silica particles can directly lead to cancer. Fiber-cement boarding is also significantly more expensive than vinyl siding and has a shorter warranty. You are almost guaranteed to have to repaint or replace your siding after about 15 years.

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Homeowners looking for types of siding may also consider composite siding for their Mount Vernon or Lynnwood home. Composite is another durable material contractors use, but it comes in restricted color options and at a higher price for installation. It may be similar to vinyl in that it’s a durable material, but homeowners have less options when it comes to matching the style of their house.

Although vinyl siding is a superior choice in home remodels, Builders Service Company offers many different siding options to Mount Vernon homeowners for installation. Our contractors know what will boost your homes curb appeal and improve efficiency. Our vinyl siding is environmentally friendly and improves your homes capacity for keeping in heating or cooling.

Builders Service Company are your local Mount Vernon contractors with expertise in exterior siding installation or replacement.  Call Builder Service Company for a consultation with a contractor today (888) 980-8580.


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