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glass replacement seattle

Windows do much more than just bring fresh air and sunlight into your home. They act as a shield between the inside of your home and the elements, keeping rain, snow, and other bad weather outside while your home remains dry and cozy. A properly functioning window has adequate insulation and acts as a barrier for the sun’s powerful UV rays. A well insulated window keeps the cool air inside when it’s warm and retains heat inside during colder months.

These are all things that a window is well equipped to handle, but if one or more of your windows needs to be replaced, then your home may not be as comfortable or as efficient as it could be. Replacement windows can be a big investment, but the benefits of improved insulation for energy efficiency and increased value of a home with beautiful new windows make it well worth the cost in many case. We’d love to schedule a free window consultation, contact us today!

The EPA’s ENERGY STAR initiative regarding windows recommends a “U Factor” of 0.27 or lower for windows to ensure minimal energy loss. Many popular glass window brands do not meet this standard, but the Preservation windows we install meet and exceed it, with a U Factor of 0.17. This means you can have a more efficient heating and cooling system right away just by getting new windows installed! Meanwhile we recommend getting a home valuation after your new windows are installed, as getting beautiful new vinyl windows installed will increase its value and curb appeal significantly. While we often say “Don’t Move, Improve” since our services can take your home from being uncomfortable and drafty, to cozy and beautiful, one excellent bonus of getting your windows replaced with new vinyl ones can be the ability to sell your home for notably more if you ever decide to. 

Builders Service Company is one of the premier exterior contractors in Western Washington and the Seattle area. We offer quality materials and quality service when you need to replace your window. Compromised window glass can be a security issue, much less a comfort issue so it’s important to not only replace home windows that are damaged or drafty, but to choose a product that will be durable and last for decades to come. We install Preservation windows which are top of the line, premium vinyl windows that come in just about any style you could want. They come with a lifetime warranty as well, so please contact us about the window types you need.

Window Glass Replacement Seattle – Installation of Windows

glass replacement seattle

If your home has a window frame, pane or glass that’s been damaged, then it may be time to consider replacing the window. It may be tempting to try to have an old window pane that’s only partially damaged repaired, but if the original window is old, or of cheap quality, it may be a losing battle. We understand the desire to save money, but if the windows are bad enough it may end up costing even more in the end when you have to replace them anyway.

As mentioned previously, the savings on your energy bills, increase in home value, and lifetime warranty we offer with Preservation windows are great boons that will come with your investment. It’s also often a great idea to replace all of the windows in your home, or at least the majority as that’s how we can offer you the best deal (we have a six window minimum but ask us about details.) It’s also likely that if your original windows were put in at the same time, even if only one has failed the others are probably going to soon as well. Realistically it can be better to just get everything updated at once to avoid repeated appointments and ramping costs. We also offer siding, roofing and details like door replacement and trim, so please call us for your exterior remodeling needs.

If you have an older home and are interested in updating some of the exterior features, replacing your windows is a quick way to refresh and make the home look new again. Older wood windows are susceptible to rot and damage from the weather. These old windows can now be replaced with quality and long lasting vinyl windows and frames. Vinyl windows are durable, offer high performance in energy efficiency, and come in a wide variety of colors. Builders Service Company specializes in vinyl window replacement and are experts at installation. Our team is standing by to assist you in your next home improvement project.

Window Pane Replacement Seattle – Replacement Windows for Your Home, Choose Your Window Types

When the glass in your window is broken or cracked, it is not only very inconvenient, but a true risk for your home. A shattered window will no longer keep dust and debris out of your house. Windows with cracks will let hot air escape outside, meaning your furnace or HVAC system has to work even harder to heat the rest of your home. Finally, it can be an easy entrance into your home for pests, or burglars looking for a smash and grab opportunity. Whatever the reason you have for replacing your glass windows, getting vinyl windows with premium, insulating glass will only increase the value of your home, since they are highly durable.

You can also now replace single pane glass windows with high insulation vinyl windows, that will be much more energy efficient and help you save on your gas and heating bills. These modern windows are much more effective in terms of keeping out noise and giving your home better insulation. These are just a few of the things that you can improve by replacing your windows with premium Preservation windows that use the best vinyl and glass materials.

We like to say that we have showrooms in every city in Washington since we’ve installed windows for so many homeowners. Seattle is no exception, as we have installed windows for homes in White Center, Ballard, Fremont, Capitol Hill, Queen Anne and all over the city and its suburbs. One of our window experts would be happy to show you the product ranges we offer with a free in-person consultation, bringing samples and a smile on their face. Call today to schedule yours!

Why Choose Us For Window Installation and Replacement Window Services?

We have been operating and providing window installation since 1974, and have always ensured that we are installing top of the line products with immaculate customer service. There’s no room at Builders for poor installation practices or cutting corners; we do it right the first time, and will make it right if something does not go according to plan.

Everyone at Builders Service Company is highly dedicated, from our window installers to siding experts. There’s no need to fear shoddy workmanship because we are extremely careful to ensure that your new windows are installed just right, and that all the little details are taken care of like it was our own home.

Our window installers are:

  • Expertly Trained
  • Highly Experienced
  • Fully Insured and Bonded
  • Excellent Customer Service Providers
  • Fast But Thorough

Our extensive experience and locally owned business means you are being taken care of by an excellent window contractor, who will handle everything for you and leave your home not only more beautiful with excellent new windows, but also a clean exterior with all the details done just right.

Builders Service Company is a trusted window contractor that offers window replacement and installation in Washington state. We offer our services to Seattle’s homeowners, greater King County and all over the state. Call us today to schedule your glass window installation or replacement.

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