Window Replacement Yakima

Window Replacement Yakima


A cracked or damaged window can stick out like a sore thumb on your home. Windows bring  lots of value to a home and they serve many purposes. They bring in sunlight, fresh air, and act as a barrier to outside debris. Depending on how badly the window is damaged, it can hinder its ability to function as a source of light, a barrier for the elements, and ventilation. If you are looking for glass replacement or window replacement, call the renowned Builders Service Company. We are a family-owned builder company and have been providing home improvement services since 1974. Our highly skilled contractors provide windows and glass replacement services in Yakima, WA.

If you are looking for a more stylish interior or even thinking about boosting the resale of your house, window replacement is one great way to do so. Replacing old windows with newer and more modern designs will not only give you greater curb appeal, but newer windows usually offer better insulation and are more efficient energy wise. Updating your current windows by replacing them with more energy efficiency will only increase the value of your home if you are interested in selling it down the road. At Builders Service Company, you can trust us with your window and glass replacement because we are a reliable company, and we only offer fine quality products for your home.

Our contractors are expertly trained and highly skilled at working with windows. They will use the same care and consideration for glass replacement as they will for whole window replacement. We also offer great options to choose from according to your needs and budget. With so many options available to you, we understand that making a decision on the type of window and its features can be overwhelming. When you hire Builders Service Company, we pride ourselves on making the customer experience as easy and stress free as possible.

Our contractors can offer recommendations for any of the following window replacement options:

  • New vinyl replacement
  • Wood replacement
  • Picture windows replacement
  • Custom bay replacement

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Replace Window Yakima


Not only do we provide excellent services for window replacement but we also offer window repairs as well within Yakima and the county area. All you need to do is tell our contractors about your problem or which replacement services you are interested in, and we will send our technicians out to you. Even if it’s for a custom exterior fixing jobs, we’ll be on hand to assist. Our trained staff will make sure that any and all reconstruction is done in an efficient way while remaining respectful of your home and property.

A window that requires repairs only and not a total replacement can be quicker to take care of depending on the amount of damage that needs to be fixed. If only one pane of glass is broken, that can be quickly replaced and repaired if it’s a standard sized piece. Has one of your window frames been damaged by inclement weather? Depending on the material of the frame, a contractor can easily replace the damaged portion while retaining the structural integrity of the rest of the frame. Builders Service Company will help you find the window solution that you need and that works the best for your home. If we believe that a simple repair would be the best option for you, or if a window replacement will save you more money in the long run, then we will be upfront and make sure that you understand all of the available options.

Along with window fixing in the Washington area, we also offer services if you need your window or windows to be replaced. Our crew handles all of the tasks associated with window replacement, from removing the old ones to installing the new window in its place with care. We even work on roofing, gutters, and doors.

You can trust us for any exterior remodeling and the installation as well as for:

  • Overseeing the entire process from start to finish
  • Quality products
  • Timely finishing of any house projects

Window Glass Replacement Yakima


If you are still using old glass in your window, then you should consider switching to a newer and improved glass replacement. Our excellent glass replacement services are top notch, we use only quality glass that will increase the efficiency and durability of your home. Having your window glass replaced will ensure that you have new and energy efficient window pane glass in your home. Window glass today is typically designed to offer greater uv protection and reduce the sound of inside and outside noises. Newer windows also offer better insulation so your home will stay cool longer in warmer weather and keep the cold air out in the winter. 

You can update the glass in your windows by replacing them with double or triple pane glass. Double and triple panes are all around better than single pane glass. The extra panes of glass gives them better insulation and creates multiple barriers to deter sound pollution. While triple pane glass is better at keeping your home cool in extreme hot weather and has better sound prevention due to the extra layer of glass it can be more expensive. Double pane glass is more than capable of keeping your Yakima county home well insulated and cool at an affordable price. 

The glass replacement services you can expect when you choose to work with Builders Service Company extends to you the opportunity to have new energy-saving glass, which can reduce the cost of heating and cooling. With glass replacement, you can keep your house comfortable regardless of the weather outside. Our glass replacement service in the state is good thanks to:

  • New energy-efficient glass
  • Our expert team for glass replacement
  • Free consultations on glass replacement
  • Easy scheduling of glass replacement

Trust the reputed window replacement company Builders Service Company in Washington, and contact us for any house exterior repairs and glass replacement at 888-980-8580.

Vinyl Siding Wood Siding Composite Siding
Durability Risistent to Rot, Insects, and UV Not Resistant to Rot, Insects, or UV Resistant to Rot and Insects
Maintenance Low Maintence and Easy to Maintain Intensive Regular Maintenance Low Maintence and Easy to Maintain
Appearance Vast Selection of Colors and Textures Natural Look and Feel Natural Look Appearance & Vast Selection of Colors
Installation Requires Professional Installation Requires Professional Installation Requires Professional Installation
Insulation Highest Insulation Moderately Insulated Excellent Insulation
Longevity Lifetime 5 years to Lifetime (depending on maintenance) Lifetime
Fire Resistance Resistant To Fire (Class A Flame Spread Rating) Flammable Resistant To Fire (Class A Flame Spread Rating)
Moisture Resistant to Moisture & Breathable Becomes Resistant With Addditional Treatment Resistant to Moisture & Breathable
Warranty on Product Lifetime 50 Years Lifetime
Warranty on Finish Lifetime 15 Years Lifetime
Wind Speed Rating 160MPH None 160MPH
Total Cost of Ownership One Time Investment Constant cost of upkeep One Time Investment
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