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Prior to going for a new roof, you must search for an efficient roofing contractor in Tacoma who has sufficient years of experience to support his credentials. A roofing contractor, with the support of his estimator, can give you the cost of laying a roof. This will help you prepare your budget for a roofing project for your home or business.

We at Builders Service Company are one of the leading roofing contractors offering services in Tacoma, WA. We have a well-knit unit of professionally qualified workmen having vast experience in accomplishing roofing jobs to the complete satisfaction of our Tacoma customers. Along with our other home exterior services, we are committed to providing our clients all over Pierce County with high-quality service and competitive prices. You surely won’t regret booking our service for your home exterior needs.

Being a leading roofing contractor, we promise to deliver results with:

  • High-quality workmanship
  • Top grade materials
  • Longer lifespan

As a responsible roofing contractor, we adhere to all norms of construction. We combine aesthetics and style while ensuring durability using modern technology. Due to our customer-centric approach, we accomplish projects within committed time and budget. As a result, we are one of the most trustworthy roofing contractors in Tacoma.

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Our clients often book our service for their roof replacement projects. We understand that there’s a great need for our clients to replace their damaged roof shingles, especially once they start noticing damage caused by a leaking roof. Leaks can go through the plywood in your attic, as well as other parts of your home, which will then be a source of extensive damage inside your home. When this happens, you are at risk for a more expensive home restoration project.

To avoid such things from happening, regular inspections are helpful. Through this, your roofer will be able to assess the roof damage long before it starts causing problems in your home interior. Your contractor will then be able to advise you if you are already in need of some roof replacement or if a simple roof repair can do the trick.

Roof inspection can help you avoid expensive home repair services. But if the problem is already beyond repair or gutter cleaning, a roof replacement service will be more advisable. This way, you’ll be able to get new roofing instead of always resorting to temporary repairs.

Tacoma Roofing

Roofing is not only to beautify your home but also for providing protection from extreme weather, rainstorms, and UV rays. It is imperative to use quality materials for roofing so as to provide the homeowners, freedom from the hassles of frequent repair.

Metal roofing is a popular material that is both durable and cost-efficient. Homeowners opt for this material as it is low-maintenance and is proven to endure extreme weather conditions.

Some of the other popular types of roofing are:

  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Composite Shingle Roof
  • Wood Shingle Roof
  • Wood Shake Shingle Roof

However, roofs with clay tiles, slate and customized metal with cladding systems can assure you of strength and longevity. In addition, solar tiles with advanced solar collectors integrate well into existing shingles and generate energy.

Our highly skilled roofing contractors provide unmatched roofing services for Tacoma residents at very competitive and comparable charges. They can also give you proper advice on the type of shingles you should install at home. With their proven experience in performing various roofing replacements and installations, they know exactly what would fit your home, depending on its location and design.

Tacoma Roof Replacement

Before starting construction on a new roof of an old building, one must assess the expected expenses. This way, you’ll be able to prepare yourself as well as your budget for your upcoming project. Having enough budget for your replacement or installation service will give you more flexibility when it comes to choosing and buying materials. It will also help give you peace of mind, knowing that you’re not compromising the quality of your roofing due to budget constraints.

The factors to be kept in mind while choosing any type of new roof are:

  • Materials to be used
  • Lifespan
  • Aesthetics and grace
  • Cost

New roofs can be made, besides using asphalt, composite or wood shingles, tiles and slates; with metal and rubber slates as well. Nature-loving homeowners opt for green roofs covered with plants. Such new roofs improve air quality and insulate houses but require soil, waterproofing, drainage and thermal insulation. Our contractors are versed in everything on roofs.

We have with us a team of professionally qualified and creative contractors roofers. As a result, we are one of the most trustworthy and recommended companies for installation of new roofs in Tacoma, Washington. We are a family-owned and operated company with a love for our city of Tacoma. When you require the services of roofing contractor for new roofs in Tacoma, call Builders Service Company at (253) 777-0866.

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If you’re in Seattle, Puyallup, Lakewood, Kent, or any other surrounding area, you can contact Builders Service Company for your home exterior service. We service homeowners and commercial clients alike. Just call our team for your roofing, window, and siding needs, and we’ll be there to assist you.

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