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Mold and mildew windowsWhat Does Health Have To Do With Windows?


It’s not often when you think of windows you think about you and your family’s health, but it’s something to consider. Your home is your sanctuary and having fully functioning windows that are properly installed is very important. 


Old Tired Windows

You may have old, single pane windows and it might be obvious that they need to be replaced, but you just haven’t taken the leap to make the investment. You will no doubt save a ton of money on utilities and there’s a good chance you might be dealing with draft issues. But health concerns aren’t limited to old or single pane windows. Many newer windows are compromised as well. With so many houses being flipped over the last ten to twenty years, you might be a victim to poor workmanship.

Poor Installation

If windows weren’t properly installed, it can lead to water issues in the exterior of your home, especially here in the Seattle area. You might think this is just annoying, but it’s much more than that. If water gets trapped between your walls and into your insulation, you may find yourself with a huge issue on your hands. Mold and mildew are detrimental to a person’s health. The long-term implications are not something you want to mess with. In addition to your health being impacted, your siding and interior walls are being compromised as well. You may even begin having issues with your foundation.

Health Concerns

Here’s a few ways your health could be impacted.

  • Respiratory Problems – If you find yourself having asthma like symptoms or a nagging cough, this could be a sign that your house is making you sick. Don’t ignore these signs and dismiss them as allergies, especially if they seem to develop after moving into your home. 
  • Allergic Reactions – Mold and mildew are very common allergens, so not only are you compromising your lungs, you may be exasperating your allergies. This comes with a feeling of being tired and sick all of the time. Your home is supposed to be the place where you rest, not a place that sucks your energy. 
  • Chronic Asthma Issues – If you already have asthma, this is a horrible environment for you to live in. This will no doubt compromise your immune system, leading to emergency visits to help relieve your lungs. 
  • Immune Disorder – They are finding that if a person is exposed to mold and mildew long-term, it can actually cause a compromised immune system and disorder, that may not be able to be corrected. 


At the end of the day, it’s really important to take care of your home, because by doing so, you take care of your health. If you’re ready to make the investment, we’re here to help. We have ZERO down and 0% interest finance options. Give us a call, our team is ready to answer your questions to help you make the best possible decision. Give us a ring at: (206) 430-1927 or drop us a line on our website.

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