$2500 Stacked Stone Accent Promotion

$2500 Stack Stone Exterior Siding PromotionVersatility & Eloquence of Stacked Stone Accents

When it comes to transforming the exterior of your home into a masterpiece of design, few elements can rival the timeless charm and versatility of stacked stone accents. If your home has a rustic cottage aesthetic or a modern architectural style, stacked stone can elevate its curb appeal.

At Builders Service Company, we understand the financial climate has been challenging, so we’re offering $2500 off any stacked stone accent when you choose to work with us to replace and install your siding. We are family owned and operated and have been working in the Seattle/Tacoma area, as well as Central and Eastern Washington for 50 years.


You can also give our design team a call, we’d love to help you feel confident about your investment so you feel great about driving up to your home everyday. As you consider siding replacement or new home installation, here’s some inspiration.

Artful Entryways

The entrance of your home serves as its first impression, setting the tone for the rest of the exterior. Stacked stone accents can be strategically placed around the doorway, arches, or columns to create a grand and welcoming entry. A tastefully designed entryway can make guests feel like they’re stepping into a luxurious retreat or an inviting haven.

Textural Contrast

Stacked stone’s rugged texture offers a delightful contrast to the smooth surfaces of traditional siding materials like energy efficient, insulated siding. This textural interplay adds depth and visual interest to gable ends or chimneys as well as columns, pillars, and window surrounds, creating a stunning focal point that draws the eye.

Accent Walls

An exterior accent wall can redefine the architectural aesthetic of your home, allowing it to stand out from the rest. Especially in neighborhoods where many of the homes were built at the same time and have a similar look and feel. It’s an affordable way to really set your home a part. 

Siding Complements

Stacked stone seamlessly complements various siding materials. Whether your home features wooden clapboard, brick, or fiber cement siding, stacked stone accents can harmonize with these materials, enhancing the overall visual appeal. Its versatility allows homeowners to effortlessly blend traditional and modern elements, creating an exterior that is both classic and contemporary.

Outdoor Living Spaces

One of the most stunning uses of stacked stone is when you go beyond the main structure and it is used to extend your living space outdoors. Patios, fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens can transform your space and how you live and connect with loved ones. It creates a cohesive balance that feels seamless. 

Being family owned and operated, we appreciate how important it is to know that your hard earned money and investment are in safe hands. We are proud to have served our Washington community for the past 50 years. We’d love to work with you, so please give us a call. We provide free consultations so you have a chance to meet us and show us the scope of your project. Whenever possible, we will help you save money. Give us a call: (206) 430-1927 or reach out right here on our website. 


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